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We're Back In Business

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Welcome back to our website! We know you've been seeing the same screen for over a year, Native Threads has been looking for "somebody new to carry on the legacy of the brand". Well the search is finally over and we’re back in business or, we will be as of November 26.

So without further ado we’d like to introduce ourselves as the new owners of Native Threads, Amy and Rachel Red-Horse!

We‘re a sister duo who’s new to the game but we’ve got a lot of tricks in our back pockets. We’ll start introductions in birth order, so Amy is up first.

Welcome! My name is Amy Red-Horse. I was born and raised in Sacramento, Ca and moved to Santa Fe, NM where I earned a degree in museum studies at the Institute of American Indian Arts. That experience expanded and honed the interests in art and Indigenous culture that I first connected with as a child through family activities, Indian education programs in our local school district, and community art programs. Working in museum studies broadened my understanding of how and where to celebrate contemporary native art in daily life and encouraged me to share that richness with others. I am honored to introduce myself as the co-owner of Native Threads alongside my amazing sister. This is an opportunity to continue growing my love of art and Indigenous culture and share them with others.

Amy will be handling the majority of the creative processes for the business such as our new logo and new designs that we'll be dropping. She inherited the family talent for creating that I was swindled out of, which is exactly why she went to art school and I did not.

Hi, I'm Rachel! I was born and raised in Sacramento, California and moved to Pennsylvania for college. I earned a degree in early childhood development and education. I then spent three years teaching in South Carolina and North Carolina before moving to Washington with my husband in 2019 and taking a position with a local nonprofit. After school and my professional experiences I became more passionate about looking at the power systems and finding ways to change the cultural competency in these systems. Growing up I loved reading and listening to stories, and I still do. My favorite stories were my grandpa's, not only did he have traditional wisdom to pass down, he seemed to have a new one every time I called or saw him. Growing up in California I gained cultural knowledge through our local Indian Education program and attending pow wows. As I went through life I learned to listen to others life experiences and found the more I listened and amplified the voices of others the more good I was able to accomplish. I hope to continue this work through my ownership in this company.

I'll be handling our social media presence and customer relations so you'll be hearing from me a lot! I'm excited to give you a glimpse into our little world so you can get to know us and join us on our reconnection journey.

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