Sahar Khadjenoury

Before Sahar Khadjenoury made her move into film and television, she grew a fondness for the theatrical stage. From a young age, she had been a performer – ranging from comedy to dance. Sahar’s exotic look and witty personality boosted her career as an actor, model, and international spokesperson. Her look is an ambiguous combination of Native American (Navajo) and Middle Eastern (Iranian) which also describes her background, where (Mid) East meets west.

Sahar began her career in the theatre at age 11 and developed and appreciation for indigenous authors where she later became involved with the Native American theatre and performing arts community while in college. Her initial performances were a combination of musical comedy and children’s theatre. Later, that knack for comedy and children’s theatre led her to become the artistic director of the Intertribal Theatre Project where Navajo mythology came to life on stage. Sahar traveled with the touring group for three years while attending Fort Lewis College, then to Arizona State University (ASU). Her high school theatre performances ranged from Shakespeare to Tombstone Wild West Gun Show Re-enactments.

While attending ASU Sahar signed with Ford RBA as female talent and booked her first commercial for an anti-tobacco advertising campaign. Since then she has appeared in numerous magazines, music videos, commercials, and other projects with companies like 944 Magazine, Spike TV, and the Pussycat Dolls.

Currently, Sahar is working on a television project and traveling internationally. We are thrilled to have Sahar join our Native Threads family.

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