Freddy Herrera

Right place, right time, that seems to be Freddy Herrera’s M.O.

Growing up in Riverside, CA., skateboarding was really the only thing, besides family, that he cared about.

Then came music.

Always a lover of whatever was good on the radio (no $ for records) he never dreamt of ever owning an instrument, let alone playing one in a band.
One day, the guys that he skated with decided that they were gonna start a band and would he play bass? After that, he was hooked!
The next thing he knew, he was moving to North Hollywood and playing in a band (Eden) that got signed to Hollywood Records.
Even though that quickly fizzled out, he soon started the band, “The Exies” which were signed to Virgin Records and released their first CD, Inertia, which included the song “My Goddess” and toured with Everclear, among countless other bands. Two more records followed and even though they haven’t broken up, they decided to take a break.

Enter Art Alexakis, lead singer and songwriter for Everclear. Freddy had kind of kept in touch with him over the years so he called him up to ask if he knew of any bands that needed a bass player. Art’s reaction was “Yeah, me”.

Pretty funny but again, right place, right time.

It wasn’t really that much of a stretch, as Art had actually asked Freddy to join Everclear when The Exies” toured with them, so it made perfect sense.
He just finished recording what will be Everclear’s first live record and the new CD of all new original songs. So look for him at the next Everclear show…

His Mom and two of his brothers live on the Pechanga Reservation and another brother lives on the Soboba Reservation.

‘aw’, ma’ma, puti’


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